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Meraki Anti Ageing Face Mask

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  • Size : 1 piece
  • Meraki is a unique lifestyle and skincare brand inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and a love for nature's treasury.
  • Based on clean and simple principles only the best that nature has to offer is used in developing its aesthetically pleasing and caring products that cater to the body and soul.
  • This Anti-age face mask gently cleanses your skin of dead skin cells and activates cell renewal
  • It leaves your face feeling revitalised and refreshed, putting tired lines and wrinkles at bay!



Enjoy a revitalising sheet face wash with this Anti-age Face Mask from Meraki. Containing natural minerals it's designed to remove dead skin cells and activate skin cell renewal gently and effectively. Designed and developed in Denmark its active and nourishing ingredients have been carefully selected for their qualities, documented effect and natural fragrances, whilst the contemporary and minimal look of the packaging is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics. The result is an anti-wrinkle face mask that provides luxurious cleansing treatment whilst looking scandi-chic on your bathroom shelf or dressing table. Suitable for all skin types this is a great idea for a gift.