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The Little House Of Hygge is the perfect place to choose beautiful items to give you that fabulous warm Hygge Cosy feeling.

Put simply, we are curators of all things Hygge! We take great pleasure and pride in sourcing products that encourage fun memories, moments of peace and evoke contentment and happiness for you and your family!!

Whether you are baking yummy bread, settling down for a lovely hot drink and enjoying homemade treats, or playing traditional board games with the family, here at the Little House of Hygge we want to provide you with the perfect selection of items that can actively encourage families and individuals to seek special moments, together as a family or simply in your own little Hyggekrog.. quality family time, think sledges in the winter, picnic baskets in the summer.. moments that lead to that 'Hyggelit' feeling and support your quest to seek calm amongst the chaos life brings. An opportunity to step away from the day to day madness and simply enjoy the little things with loved ones. 

An integral part of Hygge incorporates the outdoors, nature and activities amongst our great outdoors.. Think pine cone collecting, conkers, kicking autumnal leaves, wrapping up around a fire pit with a nice cold beer and olives and simply enjoying time together.

The Little House of Hygge wants to bring that Hyggelit feeling to you all, so please get in touch if there is something you would particularly like The Little House of Hygge to source for you or your family or for any questions or queries about Hygge living.